JL Wrangler REAR POWER OUTLET – Battery Powered at all Times WRITE-UP

Jeep JL Wranglers that come equipped with a rear subwoofer come with two 12- Volt (13 Amp) auxiliary outlets. These outlets provide electrical power for accessories such as phone chargers, inverters, refrigerators or anything that plugs into a standard cigar lighter. The first outlet is located up front, on the center stack of the dash and just below the climate controls. This outlet receives power only when the ignition switch to the ON or ACC position.


The second outlet is located in the rear cargo area and is powered directly from the battery BUT if you want it to always be hot, you will need to make sure that its fuse is placed in the correct bank. Just as is the case with the outlet up front, the default position for the rear will require you to have the ignition switch in the ON or ACC position in order to receive power.

1. To make your rear power outlet always have power, you will need to open up your Jeep’s hood, open the lid on your Power Distribution Center or fuse box and then use the diagram on the lid to located bank F81 and F91.

2. Using the fuse tool inside your fuse box, pull the yellow 20A fuse in bank F91 and then insert it into the bank next to it, F81 as shown in the image below.


3. Replace your fuse tool, close the lid on your fuse box as well as your hood.

You should now have constant power on your rear power outlet, even when your key is not in the ignition switch and this is something you need to have especially if you’re running an ARB Fridge Freeze or the like. NOTE: DO NOT exceed 160 Watts (13 Amps) at 12 Volts as that is the maximum amount of power this outlet is designed for.

I hope you found this write-up helpful.

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  1. can you do the same for the front power source?

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