JL JOURNAL – Making it Ours

It’s far from being anything earth shattering but In this episode of the JL Journal, you get to see Cindy and I install some of our very first mods on our Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. These mods include the removal of the optional steel, Rubicon front bumper end caps to make it into a stubby, the installation of trademarked “JLWRANGLER.com” decals, the installation of an Amazon Basics rear seat pet cover and last but not least, the installation of a WAYALIFE personalized licenses plate. While none of these things are “mods” in the sense that they help improve the capabilities of our JL, they are modifications that help make it truly ours.

5 Comments on "JL JOURNAL – Making it Ours"

  1. will you keep the Factory bumper later on? i bought a sport and i want to change the front bumper but i don’t know if it’s a good idea to buy the factory one that comes with the rubicon or but any other third party bumper like from extremeTerrain

    • We will be testing out a few different bumpers but will definitely keep our factory bumper being that it is the optional steel one that you can order up on a Rubicon. We really like it a lot. Rather than just looking at 3rd party bumpers blindly, is there something specific your’re looking for? Full width, mid width or stubby maybe?

  2. Yes i really like it a lot as well, my only concern is the winch compatibility i haven’t found in any forums if the Rubicon steel bumper is going to be capable of holding a winch other that the mopar warn, and i really liked the idea of being a full width with the option to make it a stubby!

  3. Liked the vidio. I have had my new jlur for 3 weeks. Love it & will be removing the end caps off the steel bumper. Thanks for the- how too.

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