JL JOURNAL – First Taste of DIRT

It was all that Cindy and I could do to not take JET Li, our brand new 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited out on the trail immediately after buying him. And, after spending 3 days of documenting everything we could and taking photos inside and out, it was finally time give him his very first taste of dirt! As luck would have it, that dirt is just down the street from us and in this episode of the JL Journal, you’ll get to see us do some basic testing off road such as: shifting into 4WD, testing out the suspension and ride quality of the JL on rough terrain, shifting into 4-Low, disconnect the sway bar and taking some baby steps up some bigger rocks. It isn’t much but we even locked up his axles and pushed him just a bit further, resulting in his very first cuts and bruises. We hope you enjoy.

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