MOAB – IT STARTS AGAIN / Part 4 – EVO Triple Threat Trail Run

Cindy and I had planned on leaving Moab ahead of the big crush that always comes in toward the end of EJS but then, we decided to stick around for another day and so that we could join EVO on their run across the Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim trails. Or, what most people refer to as, Triple Threat! Of course, what really made this run so much fun was the fact that we’d be running it with 2 other Jeep JL Wranglers and with completely different stages of build. The EVO JL Wrangler with its high clearance long arms, coil overs and 37’s would certainly be the most modified in our group and our JL running a budget boost and 37’s would put us somewhere in the middle. However, it’d be our good friends Scott and Jenna’s brand new 2.0L Turbo that we were most excited to see and especially being that it was still bone stock. We hope you enjoy our presentation.

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