TPMS Setting Glitch with the TAZER JL

While the warning light, chime and screen that pops up on the EVIC every time you start your engine can be annoying, I’d have to say that in spite of it, I still really like having TPMS sensors in my wheels. I mean, what’s not to like about knowing what PSI you’re running in each of your tires? When airing down your tires for a trail run, they’ll let you know when you’ve reached your desired PSI and when airing up again, they’ll let you know when your back up at street pressure. With all that said, I prefer to run my tires at a lower PSI than what my JL Wrangler considers to be safe and that’s why I got a Z Automotive TAZER JL.

While the TAZER JL can completely turn off the TPMS warnings, its ability to lower the PSI threshold is one of many things that really got me wanting one. Certainly, running a set of Load Range E 37″ mud terrain tires can feel a bit rough unless you run them at about 28 PSI and this is to say nothing about the improvement you’ll see in your tread wear thanks to a flatter footprint. For my purposes, I used my TAZER JL to lower the TPMS warning threshold to 15 PSI. Being that I air down to about 16-18 PSI all the time just to soften things up when jamming down desert washes and easy trails, I figured this would be a good point to set it at. For the times I need to go lower, I figured that I could just deal with the warning chime and screen.

I should say that all this has worked out well but there has been one small glitch that I’ve encountered – I still get a warning even if the pressure in my tires are well above the 15 PSI I have them set at. As you can see below, all my tires are sitting at about 22-24 PSI and yet, they’re still in red and I have a warning stating “Tire Low inflate to 15”.

TAZER JL TPMS setting glitch

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  1. Is the Tazer JL going to be updated to fix this glitch?


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