Finally got our New Hard Top!


While did take a lot longer to get than we were originally told, a whole 5 months longer, Cindy and I did finally get a call from our dealership and today, we went in to get a brand new hard top to replace the blemished one that we got from the factory. I should note that the delay was not the fault of Carson City Jeep and if anything, they did an awesome job of going to bat for us and getting this covered under warranty. Unfortunately, it did take another 5 hours to make the swap but that was because the new top showed up without any glass. In other words, the glass in our original hard top had to be popped out and reinstalled on the new top.

With all that said, we’re happy to have a clean new top and one that doesn’t have solvent soaked rag marks all over it. Kudos to Carson City Jeep for all their help!


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