JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION – 1st Annual Nitto JLX | PART 2 – Rock Crawling in Arizona

If there’s just one word I could use to describe the 2nd day of the 2018 Nitto JL-Experience presented by KMC – I’d have to say EPIC!! After leaving our hotel in Laughlin, Nevada, we crossed over into Arizona, made our way to Bullhead City and then headed up into the foothills of the Black Mountains. After spending some time bombing our way through some crazy fun desert washes, we found ourselves on an old mining trail filled with big rocks and nasty obstacles and ones that would put all our JL Wranglers to the test. We also made a lunch stop in the historic town of Oatman before hitting the trail again to soak in a stunning desert sunset and then ended our day at an old mountain retreat, up in the Hualapai Mountains. Fortunately, the the rock crawling did allow us to get in a bit more filming from the outside but the constant need to be on the move and stay out of the way of the film crew, limited us as to what we could get. In other words, you’ll get to see a lot of our JL and shots of anyone who might have been immediately around us. Needless to say, we apologize for not being able to get more footage of everyone else and we hope that you’re still able to enjoy Episode 2 of REUNION, for what it is.

It should be noted that 3 of the 10 JL Wranglers in our group were running 40″ Trail Grapplers and everyone except for us was either running King or Fox coilovers or shocks. In other words, we did all that you seen in this video with just a basic, pocket friendly, Rancho 3.5″ lift.

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