JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION – 1st Annual Nitto JLX | PART 4 – Cinder Hills to the Grand Canyon

The final days of the JLX would be one that took us to the north, all the way up into Utah and then back into Arizona again. Along the way, we’d get to play in Cinder Hills near Flagstaff, go for a hike through Antelope Canyon and learn about the Navajo culture at a fine dining establishment called, “Into the Grand”. Before reaching the Bar 10 Ranch, the end of our thousand mile Journey, we would also get to take a quick trip through Zion National Park and stare down the steep canyon walls of Toroweap. We hope you enjoy watching our 4th and final episode of REUNION. Thanks for watching.

The first annual Nitto JL-Experience was presented by KMC Wheels. A SUPER BIG THANKS goes out to Mel and Lisa Wade for inviting Cindy and I to be a part of this epic adventure. Of course, none of this would have been possible without their awesome support crew and you might know them better as Greg Melacon, Harris Wells, Kelly Carter, Cory Peterson and Randy Byers. Sponsors of the JL-Experience and their drivers included Tom Allen from PSC, Justin Mclane from JKS, Dave Schlossberg from Synergy, CJ Breaux from Tactical Off Road and Loren Healy from Nitto. David Brumbley was the official videographer of the JL-Experience and Ali Mansour filmed the event for Nitto’s Driving Line. Last but not least, a special thanks needs to go out to George, Mandy and Wyatt for opening up their property to us.

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