JL JOURNAL : Just a Little Snow Play on yet Another Snow Day

With everyday pretty much being a snow day lately, it sure has been tough to get any real work done. While we haven’t exactly been getting crazy amounts of the white stuff, we have been getting more than enough to make us want to get out and play in it! And, that’s when we got to think – why not use this opportunity to do some more winter “testing” of our JL Wrangler, out on the icy roads around town and of course, out in the snow. Certainly, the STT Pros we’ve been running have worn down a bit and the performance data we could collect might be useful to someone out there, right? LOL! Needless to say, in this episode of the JL JOURNAL, you’ll get to see us take advantage of yet another snow day here in Carson City and to do a bit of snow play… all in the name of research and testing of course.

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