JL JOURNAL : Getting Your JL Wrangler to Work After an FAD Delete Using a Tazer

Because the all new FAD or front axle disconnect on a Jeep JL Wrangler is directly tied to the transfer case, removing or deleting it can prove to be a problem, especially if you have a Rubicon. Without the FAD to to tell the transfer case what position it’s in, your dash will display a warning light above the fuel gauge that states, “SERV 4WD”. On a Rubicon, you will also get a locker warning light that that’ll appear intermittently in the same location as well. On top of that, the transfer case indicator on your dash will be grayed out and it will no longer show what position it’s in. Fortunately, the transfer case on a JL Wrangler is still mechanically operated but if the computer doesn’t know what position it’s in, you will not be able to use things like your sway bar disconnect or factory rear locker if you still have one. In this episode of the JL JOURNAL, you’ll get to see these problems first hand and how we were able to zap the FAD using a Tazer JL, made by Z Automotive. We hope you enjoy.

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