LONELY ROAD to Alamo – A Trek Across the Desert National Wildlife Refuge

It’s hard to imagine but just north of all the glitz and glamour that is the City of Las Vegas, lies the 2nd largest wildlife refuge in the country and the largest one in the lower 48 states. I am of course talking about the Desert National Wildlife Refuge and it really is about as beautiful as it is vast. Unfortunately, a majority of it does lies within the restricted, Nellis Air Force Base (think Area 51) but a good portion of it can still be traversed in a 4WD vehicle like a Jeep. Of the many routes you can explore, our favorite is also one of the most remote and potentially dangerous ones and that is, the Road to Alamo.

Back in the early 1900’s, pioneers established a stage route that connected Corn Creek to the town of Alamo, which is located over 70 miles to the north and in the lush Pahranagat Valley. It was created to help transport goods and supplies to the booming mines and towns of southern Nevada and today, you can still travel along on the exact same rough and rugged road. For better or for worse, the road is in a National Wildlife Refuge and so it is well marked and even has informative signs along the way. Some of these signs remind travelers that there are NO services, NO water and very little to NO cell service out there and caution should be taken when traveling in the area. Also, there is a section of the trail that crosses a “dry lake” bed and more times than not, it is IMPASSIBLE due to being anything but dry. There have been many near life threatening instances where ill prepared individuals have gotten stuck at this point. Deep ruts filled with pieces of wood and other debris remain as evidence of people struggling to free themselves of the muck. With nothing to winch off of, the dry lake section of this trail should NEVER be crossed when wet.

With all that said, this short video highlights a recent overland trek that Cindy and I took across the lonely Alamo Road. Certainly, it’s nothing fancy and there’s no rock crawling to speak of but we do hope you enjoy it for what it is – a day in the life of WAYALIFE.

Although we didn’t cover it in this video, I would highly recommend that you stop and check out the Visitors Center before heading out on a trek of your own, across the Desert Wildlife Refuge. They have great displays, tons of information on the area and even a nice little hike that takes you out to some cool stuff including an old historic cabin.

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