JL JOURNAL : BACK ON TRACK / Rancho Adjustable Rear Track Bar Installation

Soon after installing our EVO rear track bar relocation bracket, I had a lot of guys ask why we chose to go with it over something like an adjustable rear track bar. And, the simple answer is, an adjustable track bar can only do one thing – recenter your axle. What it can’t do is correct geometry, as in, make your track bar more level again like it was from the factory and by virtue of it, help improve your roll center. This is what a track bar relocation bracket is primarily designed to do and getting your axle centered again is more of a perk than anything. That being said, if you have more lift than the relocation bracket is designed for, your axle may still be off a bit at ride height. For most, it’ll be far from enough to matter but when you have as much lift as we now have, getting it centered or even purposefully going off track a bit by shifting things over toward the driver side, can be helpful to prevent things like your your pinion flange or yoke from making contact with your gas tank at a full flex. In this episode of the JL JOURNAL, you’ll get to see us do just that with the installation of our all new, Rancho rockGEAR adjustable rear track bar. We hope you find it to be informative.

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