JL JOURNAL : Synergy Snap-Lock Bump Stop Spacer System for Jeep JL / JK Wrangler

In spite of what a lot of people seem to think, the whole point of installing bump stop extensions isn’t necessarily to help prevent your tires from rubbing your fenders at a full flex. I mean, sure, they’ll do that too but that’s not the main reason why you should want them. The main reason is to help prevent things like your shocks from bottoming out and maybe more importantly, to help prevent the over compression of your coils. As in, compressing them to the point where they no longer return to their original height. It’s for this reason that most lift kits come with bump stop extensions that are about the same height as the lift you’re installing.

Now, where things get tricky is when you want to upgrade your coils to something a bit taller but without having to install a whole new lift kit. Because most lift coils tend to yield way more lift than is advertised, this can make it hard to know just how much of a bump stop extension you really need. Of course, if you’ve just installed a bigger set of tires and would like to mitigate the rubbing you’re now getting from them, a taller set of bump stop extension can be helpful there as well. Fortunately, Synergy came up with their all new Snap-Lock Bump Stop Spacer System.

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Synergy Jeep JK/JL Snap-Lock Bump Stop Spacer System
18+ Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU
07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU

• Molded and machined from fiber reinforced composite
• Can be used on the front or rear of the vehicle
• Bump stop spacing can be changed on the vehicle without removal of any hardware
• Bump stop spacers bolt on to the axle and provide 2, 3, or 4 inches of extra limitation for larger tires or shocks
• 100 percent bolt on components assures an easy, trouble free installation with the use of basic hand tools

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