SPACING OUT : How to Install Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

In a perfect world, running wheels with a lot of back spacing or one that are as close to factory as possible are really something you want to have. They’ll help maintain your scrub radius, make it easier for you to steer and they’ll even help prevent your ball joints and unit bearings from failing prematurely. Of course, this isn’t always possible once you start modding your Jeep and install bigger tires and this is because you’ll run into issues like rubbing of suspension components at a full turn and or at a full flex. New wheels with less back spacing would take care of this but they can cost a pretty penny and then there’s the question of, what if you like the wheels that you already have?

Wheel spacers are what I would recommend and they’re a great solution being that they’re relatively affordable, super easy to install and they’ll effectively reduce the amount of back spacing you have on your existing wheels. It is important to note that there are “wheel spacers” and then there are “high quality wheel spacers” that bolt on to your axles and then your wheels to them. The later is what I’m referring to and the prior, the kind that just get sandwiched in between your wheels and axles using the existing wheel studs, they are dangerous and should NOT be used. For me personally, I prefer to use Spidertrax wheel spacers because they’re made out of 6061T6 aluminum and maybe more importantly, are made in the USA. The Spidertrax wheel spacers we bought (yes, we actually bought these with our own money) are made specifically for a Jeep JL Wrangler and that means they come in 5 on 5 bolt pattern, are 1.75″ thick to ensure they’ll clear the factory wheel studs and they come with 14mm studs. In this short video, you’ll get to see just how easy they are to install and we hope that you’ll find it to be helpful.

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