JL JOURNAL : CB BAR JL Wrangler Full Size Overhead CB Radio Mount Install

As much as Cindy and I LOVE the completely redesigned interior of the all new Jeep JL Wrangler, finding a place to mount a full size CB Radio or hard mounted HAM or Race Radio, proved to be a real challenge. And, that’s why I decided to make the CB BAR.

Designed as an overhead system and to accommodate a full size CB Radio like a Cobra 29, the CB BAR is a 100% bolt on system that utilizes existing holes in the factory roll bar to install it. In other words, NO DRILLING, NO CUTTING and NO REMOVAL of any of the interior trim is required! I also designed the CB BAR to work with a hard top, soft top or no top and without blocking the rear view mirror or interfering with the sun visors, header latches or Freedom Top locks. The best part about the CB BAR is that it’s super easy to install, can be done in just minutes using a few basic tools and this episode of the JL JOURNAL will show you how.

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