BUILDING a DYNATRAC PROROCK 44 : a Close Up Look at How it’s Made

It was a little over 10 years ago that Cindy and installed our very first Dynatrac product on Moby, a ProRock 60 front axle. Since that time, we’ve been able to rack up well over 150,000 miles, driving him all across America and putting his axle to the test, all along the way. Now, that would include testing it out on dirt, across the sand, through the snow, in the mud, out on tons of rocks and of course, bombing our way across the desert. While it may not look as pretty as the day we got it installed, it is worth nothing is that everything on it is still 100% original. In other words, the housing, ring and pinion, locker, axle shafts and u-joints are all the same things that we’ve been punishing, all this time. And, it’s because of this long resume of use and abuse that we were convinced, a Dynatrac was going to be the axle for us, when it came time to upgrade the one on our Jeep JL Wrangler.

In this feature length video, you’ll get learn all about the Dynatrac ProRock 44 being made for the Jeep JL Wrangler, what makes it such an awesome front axle and see how it’s made from start to finish, right here in the U.S.A.! We hope you enjoy our presentation and find it to be informative.

Clearly, a ProRock 44 is far from being something everyone needs and I might even go so far as to say, most people may never need. Certainly, churching it up and trying to convince you of otherwise is NOT the reason why Cindy and I decided to make this video series. All we would ever hope to do is share why we chose to get one for our JL Wrangler and based on our experiences running ProRock axles over the last 10 years and across thousands of miles on Moby, Rubicat and even Nemo. However, I wouldn’t want you to take my word for it. Instead, I would encourage you to look through the myriad of videos that we’ve made since 2007 and see for yourself, just how strong and reliable, all our Dynatrac axles have been for us. Thanks for watching.

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