A FAR BETTER TRACK BAR – Synergy Adjustable Front Track Bar INSTALLATION

Installing an aftermarket adjustable front track bar is a great way to help re-center your axle after installing a 2”-3” lift and while there are a lot out options out there to choose from, I might recommend that you get the one made by Synergy. In addition to being made out of 1.50”, 0.25” wall DOM, it also comes with their signature, double adjuster sleeve and that means you won’t have to remove it to make fine tune adjustments. And, because it utilizes a pinch bolt to hold everything in places, you won’t have to fight with a jam nut that can be near impossible to keep tight. Of course, what makes this track bar really nice is that it comes with their awesome new Dual Durometer Bushings. In addition to being 100% maintenance free, the Dual Durometer Bushings are designed with 2 different durometers, a soft outer that offers cushioning and flex and a hard inner lining that acts as a bearing surface. Installing this track bar is super easy, can be done in under an hour using a just few basic tools and this video will show you how.

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