TUCKING UP the TAIL END on JET : Dynomax JL Wrangler Muffler Elimination

Not gonna lie, we actually love the sound of the OE muffler on the JL Wrangler and it pained us to do this. But, after hitting the muffler countless times and breaking 3 exhaust hangers in the process, it was time to address its massive size. Needless to say, we tucked up JET’s tail end by removing the muffler and installing a Dynomax Muffler Elimination Pipe. And, while I can’t say that I’m exactly thrilled with how our exhaust sounds, it isn’t horrible and we do have a lot more clearance in the back now. Here are a few shots of what it looks like installed.

JL Wrangler Dynomax Muffler Elimination Pipe




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