MILD 2 WILD : 2019 JEEP EXPERIENCE at Katemcy Rocks Texas – PART 2

Part 2 of MILD 2 WILD highlights the main event at the 2019 Nitto Jeep Experience presented by KMC Wheels. Although it rained on us for the better part of the day, Texas is usually pretty hot this time of year and so it was actually a welcomed sight being that it did such a great job of helping to keep things cool. Of course, the added water and subsequent mud we got from it did have a way of making trails such as Fence Line, School Bus, Devil’s Draw, King of the Hill and Little Debbie, a bit more of a challenge. Because that this was an all breeds Jeep event, we did have the pleasure of wheeling with rigs other than your typical JK or JL Wrangler but I think it’s fair to say there was only one rig, that everyone was eager to see in action – the badass EVO Jeep Gladiator Truck, also known as the OG 40. We hope you enjoy our presentation.

Oh, and because I know it’s coming, yes, a number of people were having issues with their e-lockers including us. PSC and DANA were having issues with their front (faulty aftermarket switch system) and we were having issues with our rear (turned out to be a partially severed harness). Without question, this had a way of making things… a bit more interesting.

A BIG THANKS needs to go out to our good friends Mel and Lisa from EVO for inviting us to this truly amazing wheeling event. We’d also like to thank the good folks at Katemcy Rocks for allowing us to play on their awesome property. Last but not least, we’d like to thank Tom and Kim from PSC, Rachel and Randall from DANA and all the other participants who joined us in the fun. I have to say that Texans really are some of the nicest people we’ve met anywhere and we truly had a great time with ya’ll!

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