JL JOURNAL : Fox Performance Series 2.0 TS Steering Stabilizer

Soon after installing a Synergy heavy duty drag link and tie-rod, Cindy and I had a number of people ask, why we didn’t upgrade our steering stabilizer at the same time? The simple answer is, we just didn’t feel the need for one. Fortunately, the new steering components and track bar we installed seemed to do a great job of firming things up and in all honestly, our OE stabilizer seemed to be doing its job just fine. But, after giving it some thought, I decided to contact Synergy, just to see if there might be something they would recommend to compliment their steering system and as I would come to find, a Fox Performance Series 2.0 TS is what they pointed me to. In this video, you’ll get to see just how easy one is to install.

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Fox Performance Series 2.0 Stabilizer TS
With conventional steering stabilizers, turning in one direction creates an increase in pressure inside the stabilizer as the shaft occupies more volume in the body and displaces the oil. The repercussion is a push or pull steering force felt by the driver as the stabilizer attempts to return to its neutral state. To overcome this unidirectional force, dual opposing stabilizers are often used, but this requires additional mounting hardware and space.

Derived from the FOX’s original ATS stabilizer, the Performance Series 2.0 Stabilizer TS utilizes a Through Shaft (TS) architecture that eliminates shaft fluid displacement throughout the stabilizer’s entire travel in both directions. By eliminating fluid displacement, the TS design delivers neutral and consistent damping of unwanted steering feedback. The result is unrivaled steering control at an unbelievable price point in a single, bolt-on stabilizer.

The Performance Series 2.0 Stabilizer TS includes application specific mounting hardware and is available in multiple clamp sizes for stock or aftermarket heavy duty tie-rods.

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